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    My name is Amy, I am a silly, caring and vertically challenged photographer, and I am thrilled you are interested in having me be part of your big day! I hope you enjoy the images that are my labour of love.

    Before we meet face to face, you might be wondering if we will get along - I would too! After all, you are looking for someone with whom you will spend your entire wedding day with. You should know that I have a fire cracker sense of humour, I love meeting new people, my children are the loves of my life (and their father is a close second) and I tend to fly by the seat of my pants!

    I love to be actively involved in the weddings I will be capturing. I have seen lots of weddings and love to share all I that I know.

    I look forward to meeting you soon!

A couple of years ago, I photographed Sascha and Josh’s wedding. They are a super fun couple, so it makes perfect sense that they have super fun friends in April and Derek. They loved Sascha and Josh’s photos, so I did couples photos of these two just before they were engaged. I genuinely had the best time! I was so sad that when they did get engaged they were planning a wedding down south. Through a bizarre twist of fate the universe (or a travel agent) made the down south thing not work out the way it was supposed to, so I ended up delighted that they decided to get married here (and asked me to be their wedding photographer!)

When it was time to take their engagement photos, even though it was pouring rain and grey outside, they had a blast at Bowring Park with their rain boots and umbrellas. So on their wedding day, when it literally was sunny/rainy/snowy/windy/freezing, they didn’t miss a beat. We trekked all over and made some of my favourite images of 2016. I have sneak peeked quite a few of these through Instagram ( but I am so excited for them to see their full blog post today!

But that’s enough from me. Let’s get to the pretty…
2017-01-13_00012017-01-13_00022017-01-13_0003The day started at Derek and April’s  home where the boys were busy getting ready. I have to say, the ring bearer might have been the cutest I have ever seen. These two have an awesome backyard so we didn’t need to travel far to find a good spot for some photos of the groomsmen!2017-01-13_00042017-01-13_00052017-01-13_00062017-01-13_00072017-01-13_00082017-01-13_0009Over at the Hampton Inn & Suites, April and seven (yes seven!) of her best girls had gathered along with her beautiful Mother to get ready. These girls were in a fabulous mood and I knew that the day was going to go great, no matter how confusing the forecast was. 2017-01-13_00102017-01-13_00112017-01-13_00122017-01-13_00132017-01-13_00142017-01-13_00152017-01-13_0016I absolutely adore this photo of Frances getting April ready! 2017-01-13_00172017-01-13_00182017-01-13_00192017-01-13_0020


Because fall days are so short, we took a few minutes for a pre-ceremony stop down Quidi Vidi before we headed  to Bally Haly! Here is where we started meeting ALL the weather. Normally shots of the bride and bridesmaids I try to make look like a matching set. But because the sun kept coming out and going in, the snow started, then stopped then the wind picked up, I needed to quickly move everyone around to make it work. The girls still had quite the laugh even though they were freezing! 2017-01-13_00272017-01-13_00282017-01-13_00292017-01-13_00302017-01-13_0031Meanwhile, back at Bally Haly, the boys were warm, dry and waiting for it to be time!2017-01-13_00322017-01-13_00332017-01-13_00342017-01-13_00352017-01-13_00362017-01-13_00372017-01-13_00382017-01-13_0039This made me laugh – when you best bud says “I do”. 2017-01-13_00402017-01-13_00412017-01-13_00422017-01-13_0043
2017-01-13_00452017-01-13_00462017-01-13_00472017-01-13_00482017-01-13_0049Smitten? I think yes. 2017-01-13_00502017-01-13_00512017-01-13_0052Then with the ceremony done, it was sunny for about 15 minutes before things changed again. Even though were were scheduled to go right away to our first photo location – I had to make an executive decision to take advantage of the gorgeous light while we had it, instead of wasting it while they were on the Party Bus. 2017-01-13_00532017-01-13_0054Seriously. How sweet is he?
2017-01-13_00552017-01-13_00562017-01-13_00572017-01-13_00582017-01-13_00592017-01-13_00602017-01-13_00612017-01-13_00622017-01-13_00632017-01-13_0064 How fun is this?!2017-01-13_00652017-01-13_0066Weeks and weeks before the wedding, April and I knew that based on the ceremony time and the sunset, we were going to have to do some clever planning to make sure we took full advantage of every ray of light afforded to us. So the three of us piled in the car and Derek drove us around to look for locations near Bally Haly that would potentially work. I think doing this not only gave me an awesome location for their photos, but also one of my new favourites on the entire East Coast. It’s so gorgeous!
2017-01-13_00672017-01-13_00682017-01-13_0069I agonized over which of these to share. Connection with each other or connection with the camera. I lost the battle. Here they both are. 2017-01-13_00702017-01-13_00712017-01-13_00722017-01-13_00732017-01-13_00742017-01-13_0075Now, it was right around here when Derek’s sense of humour was nearly the end of me. I sent them out there and yelled about 57 times, “BE CAREFUL”. Right after this kiss, he thought he would be funny and jumped down to some surface below which made it look like he had fallen. My heart actually stopped for a minute. He thought it was the best ever. They were quickly called back in. Hooligan. 2017-01-13_00762017-01-13_0077I love how into each other they are… 2017-01-13_0078
2017-01-13_0079April is a member of the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary here in St. John’s so she organized a visit with Dobbin, a handsome member of the mounted unit. This horse is incredible. 2017-01-13_0080I will leave to the imagination why everyone is laughing here – but I will give you a hint and say that Dobbin was very excited to see us. Best bridal party candid photos ever! Thanks Dobbin!
2017-01-13_00812017-01-13_0082The grounds of the RNC stables are adjacent to the Government House. Both properties are immaculate and with the fall leaves, it was a stunning spot for photos! 2017-01-13_0083Would you just look how cute these two are when the are left to the own devices?
2017-01-13_00842017-01-13_00852017-01-13_0086This is one of my favourite shots of the day!2017-01-13_0087And this young man can be a Groomsman at any of my weddings ever. What a good sport he is. Look out ladies in a few years time! 2017-01-13_00882017-01-13_0089
2017-01-13_0091And then with darkness upon us, we headed back to Bally Haly for the reception! I love how they had a fall theme but didn’t go overboard with the ‘Fall Theme’. Just a pretty space with pretty details and some autumnal touches worked in!2017-01-13_0092
2017-01-13_00992017-01-13_01002017-01-13_01012017-01-13_01022017-01-13_0103It always takes a little while for the reception room to be transformed from Dinner space to Dance Party so often times my couple sand I will pop out for a night shot. Crucial to a ‘Night Shot’ is either a sunset or some form of dazzling lights such as a skyline or a great display of Christmas lights. We had an idea for something a little different! 2017-01-13_01042017-01-13_01052017-01-13_0107And then it was time for the dance!2017-01-13_0106

April and Derek, I am so glad you chose me to be your photographer. It felt like spending a very special day with some old friends. I hope you love all of your images as much as I enjoyed making them for you!

So Much Love,



Tonight, I introduce you to Stephanie and Steve. Stephanie is a very, very good friend of mine and I can’t imagine life without her. She wasn’t always my friend however. Google brought us together when she searched for a wedding photographer and I am so glad that it did. My assistant, Meghan and I started out our day at Steve’s parents house in CBS where he had gathered with his groomsmen to get ready. I knew right away they guys were going to be a great group to work with all day! I wasn’t wrong at all!This is Spencer. Stephanie’s feline child. She talks to him like a person. Spencer has his own Instagram account, attends Stella and Dot parties and is the only cat I have ever met who doesn’t drive my allergies crazy! We caught up with him when we headed to Stephanie and Steve’s house to find the girls. This stunning Paloma Blanca dress from Ever after was gorgeous on the hanger – but when Stephanie put it on, it came alive…. Just you wait!I love that this incredible veil – what makes it even more beautiful is that it was the same one that Stephanie’s mother, Gail wore when she got married!
And then it was time! When she mooshed on the sunglasses and hauled on the leather jacket to head to the church I actually laughed out loud. This girl collects coats so what else would she put on?!
With things official, we headed out to Manuals River for some bridal party shots before they went to relax on the Party Bus and Steve, Stephanie, Meghan and I headed to Laurie Beach in Paradise for some couples photos. 

The sun was just starting to disappear when we got back to The Woodstock Colonial Inn for the family and bridal party dinner. We did the family photos outside on their grounds (because they are gorgeous!) before everyone headed inside to eat and Meghan and I headed to the Comfort Inn to get ready for the reception!
The decor at at this wedding was one of my favourites of the year. Lacy Rose Design kept things simple and elegant with minimal beautiful decor items. The simplicity was beautiful!
Seriously, this cake. 
These two entered the room and got right down to business with their first dance! It was the best way to kick the party off right!And then Stephanie and her Dad broke with tradition and danced to a fast song which was adorable!Thank you guys for being amazing to work with. I knew we were going to have a fabulous day and it was just beautiful! All the love my beautiful new friends!



Jennifer and Ryan came home from Ottawa to get married, in what might actually be my own personal dream wedding. They had a relaxed morning getting ready with their family and friends, did a first look at on the Government House grounds, popped around to Quidi Vidi for photos, headed out to the breakwater for some alone time (with me in tow!) and then had a super casual ceremony with the ever awesome Craig Murphy at gorgeous Mallard Cottage and then a super relaxed and yummy buffet supper with a little dance! It was perfection! Check out my favourite images of their day….Jen and Ryan, thank you for choosing me to be your wedding photographer. It was an amazing day filled with so much laughter. I wish you a long long life filled with just as many laughs as you had on your wedding day.
Much Love,



Derek and Vanessa’s wedding day was beautiful and absolutely perfect! We started the day out  at Derek’s family’s stunning home where he and the boys had gathered to get ready. I had already met some of his friends and his family because I had photographed his brother’s wedding last year, so I knew that we were in for a great dayMeanwhile, over at Vanessa’s parents house  in Mount Peark, the girls were busy getting ready… 
And then with everyone beautiful (not that it was hard!) we headed downtown to Wesley United Church  for the ceremony. There is so much happy in this photo! The day was pretty rainy so we took advantage of  the great architecture  at Wesley United before we headed out into the weather. Hello timely wind!
The Newman Wine Vaults were the perfect break from the cold and wind. I adore how intimate these portraits are. And then, when we emerged and headed toward Bowring Park, the sun made a very well time and welcome appearance!

And then, it was time for the fun!!! Vanessa and Derek made a grand entrance to their reception – they entered and immediately had their first dance! We took a few minutes to sneak outside and take advantage of the sunset! Vanessa really wanted a photo with Signal Hill in the background, but some fog (can you say all the weather in one day?) was rolling in and blocking it. But we did manage some fun photos of them just the same! Vanessa and Derek, thank you for choosing me to be your wedding photographer! You guys are great and I hope you love your photos as much as I loved making them!

Much Love,



2016-11-30_0001Andrea and Nathan were married in a super laid-back and relaxed ceremony at the Rocket Room on Water Street. So many of their friends and family had traveled to join them for their big day that they wanted the day to be fun for everyone and went as far as to organize a scavenger hunt around downtown for them while we went off to do photos. Here are my favorite images of their big day…2016-11-30_00022016-11-30_00032016-11-30_00042016-11-30_00052016-11-30_00062016-11-30_00072016-11-30_00082016-11-30_00092016-11-30_00102016-11-30_00112016-11-30_00122016-11-30_00132016-11-30_00142016-11-30_00152016-11-30_00162016-11-30_00172016-11-30_00182016-11-30_00192016-11-30_00202016-11-30_00212016-11-30_00222016-11-30_00232016-11-30_00242016-11-30_00252016-11-30_00262016-11-30_00272016-11-30_00282016-11-30_00292016-11-30_00302016-11-30_0031I love when couples don’t just get caught up in going to the popular spots for photos. Nathan visits Fixed every day for his coffee break. It’s where we did our meetings too because it’s their favourite. So when we were going over the timeline for the day and we actually scheduled a coffee break, and it was for here, it was perfect! Totally them. And these are some of my the cutest images from the day!2016-11-30_00322016-11-30_00332016-11-30_0034With a little caffeine boost, we headed off to Quidi Vidi. We had planned to go there but it was raining and foggy and incredibly drab. But we drove alone chatting about how we would make the most of whatever it was.  Everyone quickly changed into more practical foot wear and we went on a little hike. I am SO glad we went. These are some of my favourite images from that area. It’s gorgeous there, but the fog just makes it so authentically Newfoundland. The way it hung around the tops of the hills was beautiful. 2016-11-30_00352016-11-30_0036
2016-11-30_00402016-11-30_00412016-11-30_00422016-11-30_00432016-11-30_00442016-11-30_00452016-11-30_00462016-11-30_00472016-11-30_00482016-11-30_00492016-11-30_00502016-11-30_00512016-11-30_0052We were all pretty wet and chilly and decided to take a scoot by Andrea and Nathan’s place for a few  minutes. I had been looking at a building near their house since I have lived in St. John’s and we were so close we stopped for a moment! It was fun to finally get to use it!
2016-11-30_00532016-11-30_00542016-11-30_0055With our photo time drawing a close, Nathan (whose job sounds incredibly technical and involves boats) mentioned that a research vessel he dreams of working on was docked in St. John’s. We decided to take a pass through downtown to have a look. There it was! His dream ship. It was inside the very tall black metal fence, but we could see it there. On a whim, we hopped out of the car and Nathan some how managed to talk his way inside in the pouring rain. It took some more talking and a sympathetic second guard but 3 of us managed to get escorted inside so he could have some photos). Of course, I know nothing about the Neil Armstrong – but I know it was important to Nathan and the guests at the wedding were excited he got to get so close! It was totally worth it!2016-11-30_00562016-11-30_0057And then it was party time! The meal was literally the best I have ever had at any wedding ever. Evvvver. If you haven’t been to Rocket Bakery, get yourself there and order the fishcakes. Order more that you think you will eat. You will eat them and be glad you did. 2016-11-30_00582016-11-30_00592016-11-30_00602016-11-30_00612016-11-30_00622016-11-30_00632016-11-30_00642016-11-30_00652016-11-30_00662016-11-30_00672016-11-30_0068Andrea and Nathan, thank-you for listening to Peter and Susan and choosing me for your wedding. There wasn’t a single minute of your day I didn’t love! I wish you all the best forever!

Much Love,