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    My name is Amy, I am a silly, caring and vertically challenged photographer, and I am thrilled you are interested in having me be part of your big day! I hope you enjoy the images that are my labour of love.

    Before we meet face to face, you might be wondering if we will get along - I would too! After all, you are looking for someone with whom you will spend your entire wedding day with. You should know that I have a fire cracker sense of humour, I love meeting new people, my children are the loves of my life (and their father is a close second) and I tend to fly by the seat of my pants!

    I love to be actively involved in the weddings I will be capturing. I have seen lots of weddings and love to share all I that I know.

    I look forward to meeting you soon!

st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1095Last summer, most of my weddings took me out of town. I got to visit Bonavista several times, Twillingate twice, Brent’s Cove, Baie Verte, Cannings Cove, Gander Bay,  Grand-Falls Windsor, Clarenville, Bishop’s Falls and Terra Nova National Park and all the places in between. It was wonderful. Even though doing out of town weddings means I am not at home on the weekends, I get to meet amazing people in towns I don’t normally get to explore. But Bridget missed me so I focused more last year on booking St. John’s weddings for this summer, and that’s what the universe sent me. However, the universe must know me better than I know myself, because it sent me two weddings on the same weekend in Fortune.  I haven’t been to the Burin Peninsula since  I was about ten years old in the backseat of my parents car. I was thrilled to go.

By coincidence, not only were both of my weddings that weekend in the same church, but both brides were named Jennifer! Richelle and I had an amazing time at Jenn and Luke’s wedding on our first day in Fortune. It was windy and wild outdoors and we had so much fun working with elements.

On Saturday, Jennifer and Sheldon were going to get married in the exact same conditions- in fact, the wind had picked up substantially but the sun was shining. It was going to be another great day!  I didn’t know what hotel I was headed for when I left St. John’s because Jennifer made the reservations, but I am still missing the most comfortable bed in the world at Hotel Fortune.  Trust me when I say even though it was super tempting to sleep in on Saturday morning until it was time to head to the wedding, I woke up ready to explore! We started out with a breakfast visit to our new friend Brenda (who makes the best pan fried cod!) at the Stage Head Cafe and then set off to look for photo locations!

When it was time to stop our adventuring, we headed over to find Sheldon and his boys getting ready for the ceremony. st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1096st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1097st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1098st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1099st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1100st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1101st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1102st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1103And then Jennifer at her parents house… st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1104st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1105st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1106Jennifer’s gorgeous dress from The Bridal Salon in St. John’s was made for her! st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1107st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1108st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1109st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1110st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1111st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1112st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1113st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1114st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1115st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1116st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1117st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1118st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1119st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1120st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1121And then it was time! We headed back to All Saint’s Church for the ceremony. I loved this church because it is so bright and Reverend Buffett is so welcoming and not only let me go where I wanted, but actually took the time to suggest that I go to places I normally wouldn’t in most churches!st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1122st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1123st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1124It’s always sad when the Flower Girl gets upset walking down the aisle. Being a Flower Firl is hard work- I know this first hand because I recall clear as yesterday being 4 years old at my Uncle Brian and Aunt Angela’s wedding. I was petrified as I walked up the aisle in my hat, gloves and itchy crinoline puffy dress-crying the whole way. Grown-up Amy had all I could do NOT to walk down the aisle to give out encouraging was one excited groom!
st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1126st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1127st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1128st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1129st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1130st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1131st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1132st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1133I couldn’t believe how excited these two were to see each other. They are SO expressive. You could actually see what they are feeling by the looks on their faces!

st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1152With Jennifer and Sheldon now both Bishops, we headed off to Abbie’s Garden, just outside of Grand Bank for photos!
st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1153st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1154st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1155st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1156st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1157st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1158st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1159st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1160st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1161st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1162st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1163st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1164And then down to the harbour where the sun had dropped low enough to make amazing light for us! st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1165
st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1170st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1171st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1172st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1173st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1174st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1175st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1176I loved this little harbour and and could have spent another hour there if I had it, but we had a reception to get to!st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1177I loved this little harbour and and could have spent another hour there if I had it, but we had a reception to get to!st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1178You know it’s going to be a fun wedding when this character is the the MC! This reception was so fun because it was totally full of shenanigans! st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1179st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1180st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1181st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1182st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1183st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1184st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1185st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1186st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1187st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1188I didn’t mention to anyone aside from Richelle and the staff at the hotel and restaurant that I wasn’t feeling well that weekend. I have never in my life called in sick to a wedding so I loaded up on Buckley’s and cold meds and Halls and anything else I could find before I headed out to the weddings. As everyone was eating, and talking and making speeches and laughing. and the most amazing sun set happening outside, I was burning up with a fever. I was aching from head to toe and that comfy bed was calling my name. I wouldn’t know until I got back to St. John’s but what had me not feeling well was Pneumonia in both lungs. Aside from feeling sick, I was dying inside because I knew were were missing an incredible sunset- but it just wasn’t possible for me to grab them to go outside.

When I finally got my chance to whisk them away  – it was so close to dark I wanted to cry. We had planned all day that I would take them to the lighthouse at sunset and it was too late. It was no ones fault and  sunsets can’t be paused, but I don’t like making promises I can’t keep so I said, “We will see what we can get out of it.”

It was a bit of a drive and we  had no time to get there but I really, really, really wanted to use the Helipad at the Fortune Head Ecological Reserve.  When we toured around  on Thursday night, I saw it and I pictured it as a dance floor. I didn’t think, with the light being what it was that I would get that chance to make it work. As Richelle ran down the hill with lights, and me with my bags, I knew I had to do what I could to make the  most of it. I pushed my cameras to the very brink of what they could do in terms of ISO (their sensitivity to light) because it was too dark to see your feet as you walked down the hill and it was hard to get the camera to focus.

But we did it! These photos are magic to me because I remember the feeling in the pit on my stomach as I was taking them. Focusing was next to impossible because of the dark and I wouldn’t know until I got back to my office if they had worked. I wasn’t confident that anything came out and with wind gusts enough to blow you off into the ocean, Jenn’s hair blew down and I was devastated. It might have all been for nothing.

When I did get back to town and pulled them up I cried all over again. It did work. I didn’t break any promises and proved to myself that I can do whatever I put my mind to, even if I was very sick, even if it was hard, even though I <almost> had myself convinced that I would certainly NOT make it work.  It would have been really easy to say, ‘It’s too dark now, have drinks with your friends, we got lots of photos today.’ But I wanted these so badly-and I got them. From a technical stand point, they are a little grainier than I would have liked because of the super high ISO, but in my mind, these photos are my favourites images I have taken since I became a photographer. They are the test I aced. They are the challenge I met. They are my trophies. st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1189

And then when it was in fact completely dark and everyone was cold and wind blown we headed back to the reception…
st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1206st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1207st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1208st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1209I don’t think I have ever seen more connected and emotional Father/ Daughter and Mother Son Dances in my life. st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1210st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1211st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1212st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1213And the shenanigans commenced again when this crowd hit the dance floor!st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1214st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1215st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1216st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1217st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1218This. This image is my favourite photo I have ever taken. st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0488Jennifer and Sheldon, thank you for choosing me to be your photographer. Thank you for trusting me to go on ridiculous adventures. Thank you for braving the wind at the end of the of the world and being amazing to work with.
My heart is full as I deliver your images and I hope you love them as much as I do.

Much Love,

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st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0986Jenn and Luke (and Wyatt!) came home from Calgary for their wedding in August. I hadn’t met them in person until I got to Fortune for their wedding. It’s always nice when we do get to know each other before the wedding – but they were such a warm and friendly couple that it felt like I had always know them. I started out with the boys while they were getting ready. Such a sweet little boy, Wyatt stole my heart!
st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0987st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0988st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0989st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0990st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0991Seriously now… how sweet can you get?st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1085

With the boys all ready to go, I headed over to Jenn’s Mom Henrietta’s house where the girls were busy getting ready for the ceremony. st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0994st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0993
I love this! Jenn walked up the aisle in a pair of Jimmy Choo’s and then spent the rest of the day in her well worn boots. Perfection!st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0995st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0996st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0997st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0998st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0999st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1000st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1001st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1002st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1003st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1004st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1005st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1006

st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1009st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1010st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1011st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1012st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1013st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1014st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1015st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1016st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1017How much more excited could Luke look to see her coming down the aisle?st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1018st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1019st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1020st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1021st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1022st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1023st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1024st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1025st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1026st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1027st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1028
st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1056st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1057st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1058st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1059st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1060st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1061st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1062st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1063st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1064I had hoped all day that the grey would lift and we would get a sun set. It didn’t happen. We headed out anyway and these two rocked some night shots around Grand Bank! st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1065st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1066st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1067
st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1069st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1070st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1071st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1072st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1073When it was time to get the party started, we headed back to the reception…
st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1074How sweet can you get?st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1075st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1076st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1077st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1078st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_1079
Jenn and Luke, thank-you so much for choosing me to be your wedding photographer. Spending your day with you was amazing and I am so happy I got to explore such a gorgeous new area with with you and your loved ones! I hope you are enjoying your honeymoon!

Much Love,



st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0875Melissa and Andrew are such a fun couple. Originally from Newfoundland, they are living in Cole Harbour, NS and came home to get married. We started the day out at Andrew’s parents place in Paradise where the boys were busy being boys.
st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0876st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0877st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0878st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0879st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0880st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0881st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0882st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0883With the guys are ready to go, we headed downtown to the Murray Premises where Melissa was getting ready with her Mom and her best girls! st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0884st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0885st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0886st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0887st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0888
st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0889st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0890st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0891st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0892st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0893st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0894st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0895st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0896st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0897st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0898st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0899st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0900st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0901The ceremony took place downtown at St. Thomas church. These two are smitten with each other. It’s easy to see by the way that they look (and laugh) at each other! st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0902st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0903st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0904st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0905st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0906st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0907st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0908st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0909st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0910st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0911st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0912st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0913st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0914st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0915st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0916st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0917st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0918st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0919st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0920st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0921st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0922st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0923st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0924st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0925st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0926st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0927st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0928st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0929st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0930st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0931st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0932st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0933st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0934st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0935st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0936st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0937st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0938st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0939st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0940
With photo time over, we headed back to Clovelly for some fun!st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0942st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0943st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0944st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0945st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0946st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0947st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0948st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0949st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0950st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0951These two were the best at the Screech-In I have seen yet! What a laugh they were! st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0952st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0953st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0954st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0955st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0956st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0957st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0958st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0959st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0960st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0961st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0962st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0963st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0964st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0965st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0966st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0967st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0968st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0969st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0970st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0971st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0972st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0973Melissa and Andrew! You guys are amazing and I am so happy that I got to be a part of your big day. I hope you are always as in love with each other as you were on your wedding day because it’s impossible not to smile when you see you together! I wish for you nothing but amazing things in your life together! I hope you enjoyed seeing my favourite moments from the day!

Much Love!


st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0767st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0764Veronica and Gavin are both originally from Newfoundland. Living away in Fort McMurray, they decided the only place to get married was back home in Newfoundland. Despite some major complications not long before the wedding with the wild fires in Fort McMurray, their family and friends were able to rally around them and everyone (despite most of them also having been impacted as well) made for an amazing wedding! The day started out at the Leaside Manor in St. John’s where the girls got ready in one suite, and just across the hall, the boys got ready in another! st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0765


st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0773st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0774st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0775st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0776st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0777st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0778st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0779st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0780st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0781st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0782st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0783st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0784st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0785st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0786st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0787st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0788st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0789st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0790With everyone all gussied up and ready to go, we headed downtown to the Basilica. Veronica was so excited to be married in such a beautiful church – and it is easy to understand why. st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0791st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0792st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0793st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0794st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0795st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0796st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0797st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0798st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0799st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0800st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0801st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0802st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0803st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0804st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0805st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0806And then they were hitched! First stop on our St. John’s photo tour was Quidi Vidi where we made our way off the beaten trail and headed toward the breakwater. We don’t get a whole lot of days where there are few clouds and little wind. But we were lucky that day because it was gorgeous out!

st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0825st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0824st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0826st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0827st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0828st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0829st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0830st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0831st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0832st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0833st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0834st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0835And then we popped over to Cuckolds Cove! st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0836st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0837st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0838st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0839st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0840st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0841st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0842st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0843st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0844st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0845st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0846st-johns_newfoundland_photographers_0847Then with bellies rumbling, we headed back to Clovelly!
Veronica and Gavin! We had so much fun spending your wedding day with you. I am so glad you chose to come home to get married and I am extra glad I got to be with you! All the best!

Much Love,


When I am a very old lady and I look back at all of the things I have done in my life, having the privilege of photographing the momentous occasions of peoples lives will be well at the top of my list of things that I am glad I had the chance to do. I met so many incredible people who I wouldn’t normally get to meet – and some of them have become my very good friends. I feel this way about Rebecca and Shane. Two of the most genuine people I have ever met in my entire life, I loved these two from the minute they sat with me at Coffee Matters and told me they wanted me with them at their wedding. Since that initial meeting, I am happy to have gotten to know them both so much better and I am happy to call them friends. So, on the top of that long list of things that I am happy to have done in my life, right next to ‘Wedding Photographer’ will be “Being a wedding photographer for Rebecca and Shane”.

Here is their beautiful day…
Shane got ready for the wedding in his parents home with his parents, brother and niece. There was no panic, no chaos, just a wonderful close family getting ready for one of their biggest days. Shane met up with the rest of the Groomsmen later, but it so nice that he spent the morning with his family. Shane is living away studying to be a Doctor in Dublin, Ireland and I know his parents were thrilled they got to spend this time with him. Not far away, Rebecca was also getting ready in her childhood home. The girls had all gathered with her family were helping to clue up all the final details as she got got ready. By contrast, it was quite a bit busier, but girls have a way of channeling all of the nervous energy into sheer excitement- which is exactly how things played out! Ta-da!!!
Rebecca’s Dad was the only man in a house filled with girls and sought solace down the hall to get himself ready to give Rebecca away…
The Anglican Cathedral in St. John’s is a stunning church. When we grabbed a coffee a few days before the wedding, Rebecca told me that her parents had planned a beautiful ceremony. She wasn’t exaggerating. In addition the architecture of the church itself, what happened inside was beautiful. Rebecca’s next door neighbor helped to marry them, there were harpists and music. So much music. Rebecca’s Dad played the piano, her brother and a bridesmaid sang ( That doesn’t sum it up. I had cold shivers) and the Mount Pearl Show Choir performed. It was well and away one of them most amazing ceremonies I have ever witnessed. 
Would you just look how excited Shane is to see Rebecca coming up the aisle. If that smile wouldn’t melt your heart…

Just look. Would you just look… This is why I love them. 
If Newfoundland is known for terrible weather, it wanted to prove the world wrong this day. The sun made up for all of the days it didn’t shine in the past 20 years I think!So many beautiful people all in one place! 

Back at Clovelly, the Sun had just started to soften. And then it did all of the amazing things that makes me happy inside when I look at these photos… 

Just look at that sun. Honest to God. Magic. 
St. JohnAnd if we weren’t lucky enough to have had the best light before dinner, the sky was so gorgeous that in that awkward gap while the tables are cleared, We took the opportunity to run (Yes, run – I mean it. Dress, Shoes, Light Stands and all) to catch the last of the pretty sky. And then with the sun tucked away for the night, it was time for dancing…
Rebecca and Shane (and all of Rebecca and Shane’s friends and family!). You are all beautiful and amazing people. I am so happy that I got to spend such a special day with you. I hope you love your images as much as I love the pair of you!

Much Love,